Cooking for Health

Bo Xao Ot Stir-Fry

Bo Xao Ot is a traditional dish from Vietnam: marinated beef, stir-fried with bell peppers, served over a bed of cellophane noodles. We added a few more colors, but the traditional flavors are still as delicious as ever.

Belgian Beer&Cheese Stew by Chef Yvon

This recipe by Chef Yvonne Stephens is from her book Say Cheese in which she shows that cheese in moderation is a great and healthy flavor addition.

We Dutch eat cheese almost every day, but in moderation, and of course we have a wide assortment of great cheese to choose from like Gouda, Edam, Maasland to name just a few.

A rich flavored stew loaded with vegetables, flavored with Belgian beer and a young Gouda or Edam cheese is a great meal for a cozy evening at home.

Watermelon by Chef Yvon

Watermelons are ready for you to pick them up and enjoy the great refreshing flavor of them, and at the same time you are giving your body a great treat, because watermelon has an abundance of health benefits. Here are a few of them, so enjoy a few pieces every day!

Watermelon is the most important antioxidants found in nature, plus vitamin A, B and C, and lycopene. This is an antioxidant that is a great help in fighting cardio vascular diseases and helps lower your cholesterol.