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Top tips for recovering from a stroke

Strokes come in all different sizes. Some are so minor they aren't even noticed, and are only evident via brain imaging technology. Others are so severe they cause complete physical and mental impairment, or are fatal. Recovery can take a long time and requires a tremendous amount of patience and care.

The majority of strokes are called ischemic strokes and occur when arteries in the brain become narrowed and/or clogged, which reduces blood flow to the brain.

How to Communicate with Your Elderly Parent's Doctor

If you're beginning to feel like your parents aren't telling you the whole health story, or that they aren't able to keep up with everything the doctors say, it may be time for you to take a more active role in their regular doctor's visits.

While most doctors do their very best to provide excellent care for their patients, it's also true that patients who are willing to be their own advocates often get the most attention.

This is especially true for elderly patients.

How to choose an executor of your estate

When drafting your will, who the executor of your estate will be is as big a decision as who your beneficiaries will be. The role of the executor is to look after all aspects of your estate and may be involved in everything from organizing a funeral  to informing beneficiaries, protecting the estate’s assets and distributing them to fulfill your tax obligations and carry out the provisions of your will.

Be clear in your will