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What Did You Say? How to Listen For the Signs...That It's Time For A Hearing Aid

Roughly a third of all elderly people between the ages of 65 and 74 have some degree of hearing loss.  In addition, almost half of those over the age of 75 have trouble hearing. Difficulty hearing can cause a variety of problems for an older person, including making it harder for them to understand and comply with a doctor's orders. They may also have trouble responding to doorbells and hearing alarms in their home. Interacting with friends and f

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10 Tips for Preventing Falls In The Elderly

Falling is dangerous for anyone, especially seniors. Bones become more brittle as people age and a fall can be seriously debilitating for a senior citizen. Broken hips, arms and legs mend at a slower rate as the body ages. Head injuries can be fatal. The Center for Disease Control is "taking a stand" on helping seniors prevent falls with programs for seniors and care givers. The program is called STEADI, Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and

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The 5 Worst Eye Problems For Seniors

With the elderly, there is a fine line between the normal deterioration of vision and eye problems of a more serious nature. Knowing and understanding which eye conditions older individuals are at risk of developing will help to reduce their chances of getting them. Here are five common eye problems in the elderly your senior should watch out for: Glaucoma:   Abrupt and severe pain in your eyes and seeing halos can be signs of

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8 Questions You Need to Ask When Looking for Home Care

Seeking the services of a home care agency usually comes at a critical time - when you or a loved one is recovering from surgery, or need care for a chronic illness. Receiving quality assistance in this time of need is of utmost importance, and knowing exactly what kind of home care services you may need - such as skilled nurses or household suppor

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Healthy Eating for Older People Doesn't Have to Be Impossible

The famous line attributed to 19 th century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli says it best: there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. And sometimes statistics can beguile and mask a reality that is very different. Case in point: life expectancies. In the United States, it has reached a record 79 years, on average. And in Canada, even higher: 82 years for the average Canadian. On the face of it, North Am

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How to Identify Depression in the Elderly

The National Institute for Mental Health and the National Alliance on Mental Illness recently released statements addressing the issue of depression in elderly Americans. They point to a common misconception that the common symptoms of depression are just signs of aging, leading to millions of older citizens to suffer in silence. The elderly face a unique set of conditions that drive depressive thoughts. The death of their spouse, long periods of

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Questions and Answers

  • How do I get assistance for my 84 year old mother who lives in Red Deer

    I live in Prince George, BC and my mother lives in Red Deer. She has no family in Red Deer. Right now she lives independently, still drives, but it encountering some health issues that are likely going to lead to surgery. right now she is trying to deal with the health issues on her own, and is very depressed and anxious because she is not sure what is happening to her. Her health issues keeps her isolated and she is not always able to get out to buy groceries, etc. Once she has the surgery I am not sure if she will be able to manage on her own. She tells me that she is having difficulty doing her budgeting and forgets to pay some bills. Her doctor is in Sylvan Lake so even getting to see him is difficult. I am concerned because there is no one that can assess her health issues except for her doctor, but getting to see him is difficult. She needs to have some support, not necessarily with cleaning, hygiene, or cooking but in getting groceries, budgeting, and providing some support and advice on her health issues. I need help to get her some sort of services., but I just don't know where to start

  • my mother is chronically ill

    she suffers with depression and chronic pain she is living in a very unhealthy environment that continues to keep her ill she was recently diagnosis with a lung problems CPDO ... she has had many admissions to hospital, i am so very concerned about my mom i have no help and am desperate to seak help for her. she is unable to care for herself. she lives in a felthy home does not eat on a regular basis.. She is on numours medacations i dont know whom to turn to at this time .. please help me

    assisted living

    Hi, My father has advanced Parkinson's Disease and my mother is his primary care giver. They are still living in our childhood home but it's time for them to move on because my father is no longer able to be alone and the house is just becoming too much. My mother is in very good health and is not ready for a retirement home, at all. That said, she needs help with my Dad. I'm wondering if there is a condo near the yonge and sheppard area that might meet their needs. Your help is much appreciated. Marie

  • Rent increases

    Hi, If I'm a new tenant in a retirement home, when can the rent be increased? Do retirement homes fall under the Residential Tenant Act and rents can only be increased if at least 12 months have passed since the last rent increase or since a new tenant moved into the rental unit?

  • Moving senior from BC to Alberta

    How & what do we have to do to move our 92 year old Mother from BC to Alberta assistance living home?  


    How do I obtain a job as a helper in an old people's home care in hamburg germany?

  • Type of care needed?

    My grandparents are fairly mobile and require minor assistance with things like cooking, cleaning, and bathing. What type of retirement community is best suited for their current needs?

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