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The Best - and Worst - Ways Caregivers Can Take Care of Themselves

Caring for an elder takes time, patience, and a lot of energy. While people want to do best by their loved ones, it’s essential that there is also a support system in place for those doing the caring. The majority of caregivers have their own lives, families, worries, and jobs. Trying to do it all yourself will only lead to burn out, and compromise your ability to provide good care. The benefits of creating a support network are numerous, and not

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Avoid This Dangerous Killer: Winter Dehydration

Signs and Symptoms of Winter Dehydration Dehydration is often seen as an issue that comes up during the hotter months of the year. It's when you're exerting yourself physically on a hot day that you become dehydrated most often, isn't it? The thing is, dehydration can occur at any time of the year no matter what the temperature might be. This means that you could suffer from dehydration during the winter as well. In fact, dehy

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How to use pet therapy correctly with seniors

Have you considered purchasing a pet for an elderly loved one, but thought it might be too much for him/her to handle? The truth is that this added responsibility may be just what he/she needs. Recent studies have shown that pet ownership offers a wide range of benefits for the elderly. Below is a look at some of the top ways your loved one could benefit from introducing a pet into his/her life. Provide Companionship One of th

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The biggest warning signs for elder abuse

Unfortunately, elder abuse isn't a minor problem. Studies have shown that over two million elder Americans are victims of elder abuse, while for every case of abuse reported, as many as five go unreported. As a caregiver for elder adults, nothing can be as disheartening than the suspicion that someone is the victim of abuse. But understanding - and recognizing - the signs of abuse can keep it from becoming an ongoing problem. While such abuse can

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What Did You Say? How to Listen For the Signs...That It's Time For A Hearing Aid

Roughly a third of all elderly people between the ages of 65 and 74 have some degree of hearing loss.  In addition, almost half of those over the age of 75 have trouble hearing. Difficulty hearing can cause a variety of problems for an older person, including making it harder for them to understand and comply with a doctor's orders. They may also have trouble responding to doorbells and hearing alarms in their home. Interacting with friends and f

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10 Tips for Preventing Falls In The Elderly

Falling is dangerous for anyone, especially seniors. Bones become more brittle as people age and a fall can be seriously debilitating for a senior citizen. Broken hips, arms and legs mend at a slower rate as the body ages. Head injuries can be fatal. The Center for Disease Control is "taking a stand" on helping seniors prevent falls with programs for seniors and care givers. The program is called STEADI, Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and

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Questions and Answers

  • Waiting time.

    My wife and I are taking care of my wife's mom. We were told it would take 3 year for an opening, which  has now been 3 years we have been taking care of her. Now they tell us it will take another 5 years for an opening. Why is this so?

  • rent increase

    How often and by how much can rent be increase

    Rent increases

    Hi, If I'm a new tenant in a retirement home, when can the rent be increased? Do retirement homes fall under the Residential Tenant Act and rents can only be increased if at least 12 months have passed since the last rent increase or since a new tenant moved into the rental unit?

  • Moving from BC to AB

    I am moving my 91 year old mother to Edmonton, AB from Kimberley, BC.  She needs to be in an assisted living facility.  How do I go about doing this?

  • mom has second mortage on a home that is appraised @$80,000, home is worth approx $25,000, I told her to walk away she will never finishing paying, condition of the home is poor, unable to make repair, cannot find any resources in her community to help ( community is East Cleveland, Ohio, Help

    My mother currently resides in home of 35+ years, she purchased the first mortgate in 1996, she obtained a second mortgate that was overestimated: current second mortage she owes $80,000, she was taken adavantage of: I have attempted to assist her with obtaining community resources, in the city of East Cleveland, Ohio: nothing but brick walls: she cannot refinance or obtain reverse mortage but the home was extremely over appraised:she receive minimal work of the home; know the home is in need of serious repairs that the homeowners insurance does not cover: I need help, I have asked her to walk away from the home:whoever is reading the e-mail know how difficult it is for senior to leave their home: Can anybody help

    Assisted Living for my Ailing Mom

    Good Morning, My Mom is 72 and is suffering from COPD to the point where she can't look after her home or herself anymore. She lives in a 4 bedroom house that has 2 flights of stairs and too large for her to maintain. My Brother and I are looking to help her sell the house and have her move into an assisted care facility or maybe even continuing care depending upon some tests she is currently going through. My brother lives in Burlington while I reside with my family in Pittsburgh, PA. What are her options...? Thank you Mike 724-249-7186

  • Type of care needed?

    My grandparents are fairly mobile and require minor assistance with things like cooking, cleaning, and bathing. What type of retirement community is best suited for their current needs?

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