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Caring for seniors with dementia

Taking care of a senior with dementia, including Alzheimer's, requires patience and dedication. Dementia may progress slowly giving family and friends an opportunity to seek help from medical specialists in the field of geriatrics. There are more medications on the market now to help people with Alzheimer's. who are forgetting the names of close friends and family member. They may even be forgetting how to care for themselves. Commu

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Hearing Loss in the Elderly

Hearing loss is defined as the diminishment or loss of hearing in one or both ears. This loss may occur gradually over a long period of time or may happen suddenly. Hearing loss is a problem that commonly affects the elderly. Studies have shown that one third of Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 struggle with hearing loss. For those 75 and olde

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5 Misconceptions about Hip Supports

Many clinical studies with seniors have proven hip supports prevent critical hip incidents in the event of a fall. However, convincing a parent, loved one or even your self to wear a hip support can be riddled with outdated hesitations. Here are 5 common misconceptions and the facts that will set you back on the path of health and safety: 1. I Don’t Need a Hip Support According to The Public Health Agency of Canada, falls r

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How Bamboo Can Help Reduce Pain

The braces and supports world is riddled with temporary solutions and exhausted techniques. The most popular products on the market tend to either cause topical discomfort or cannot properly treat internal discomfort. The key to successfully achieving both is to harness the power of natural, truly hypoallergenic materials. “Truly hypoallergenic” means that there are not synthetically infused with chemicals hoping to combat a material makeup desti

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Staying hydrated in the summertime

Many older people take medications that have diuretic effects. Medications that can cause an increased output of urine include some that are commonly prescribed for conditions like high blood pressure or kidney disease. These can result in an individual losing more water than they are taking in. Kidney function often declines as we age. The kidneys are less able to retain water, which is due in part to the fact that they decrease in mass by be

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The Seven Most Common Eye Problems in the Elderly

As we get older, our eyes tend to become worse. Over time, if you aren't staying healthy by eating right and exercising, serious eye problems will evolve. These eye problems can create vision loss. If caught on time, the elderly may be able to prolong or prevent vision loss altogether. Glaucoma - The elderly have always been known to have issues with glaucoma. Fluid pressure bloc

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Questions and Answers

  • assisted living

    Hi, My father has advanced Parkinson's Disease and my mother is his primary care giver. They are still living in our childhood home but it's time for them to move on because my father is no longer able to be alone and the house is just becoming too much. My mother is in very good health and is not ready for a retirement home, at all. That said, she needs help with my Dad. I'm wondering if there is a condo near the yonge and sheppard area that might meet their needs. Your help is much appreciated. Marie

    rent increase

    How often and by how much can rent be increase

  • Rent increases

    Hi, If I'm a new tenant in a retirement home, when can the rent be increased? Do retirement homes fall under the Residential Tenant Act and rents can only be increased if at least 12 months have passed since the last rent increase or since a new tenant moved into the rental unit?

  • Moving from BC to AB

    I am moving my 91 year old mother to Edmonton, AB from Kimberley, BC.  She needs to be in an assisted living facility.  How do I go about doing this?

  • nursing

    How do I obtain a job as a helper in an old people's home care in hamburg germany?

    Assisted Living for my Ailing Mom

    Good Morning, My Mom is 72 and is suffering from COPD to the point where she can't look after her home or herself anymore. She lives in a 4 bedroom house that has 2 flights of stairs and too large for her to maintain. My Brother and I are looking to help her sell the house and have her move into an assisted care facility or maybe even continuing care depending upon some tests she is currently going through. My brother lives in Burlington while I reside with my family in Pittsburgh, PA. What are her options...? Thank you Mike 724-249-7186

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