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Staying hydrated in the summertime

Many older people take medications that have diuretic effects. Medications that can cause an increased output of urine include some that are commonly prescribed for conditions like high blood pressure or kidney disease. These can result in an individual losing more water than they are taking in. Kidney function often declines as we age. The kidneys are less able to retain water, which is due in part to the fact that they decrease in mass by be

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The Seven Most Common Eye Problems in the Elderly

As we get older, our eyes tend to become worse. Over time, if you aren't staying healthy by eating right and exercising, serious eye problems will evolve. These eye problems can create vision loss. If caught on time, the elderly may be able to prolong or prevent vision loss altogether. Glaucoma - The elderly have always been known to have issues with glaucoma. Fluid pressure bloc

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New Media for Older Adults - Bridging the Gap

With access to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, people around the world can connect and interact with their family members, friends, and communities (both near and far) within a virtual space. This digital forum of communication and entertainment promotes the extension of personal networks and helps maintain strong relationships wi

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10 Tips for Talking with Older Adults

Are you searching for ways to help residents better understand you in face-to-face conversations? Here are 10 ways to improve your message, summarized from my training programs for retirement communities: Don’t talk too fast. Many retirement community staffers are younger and speak as if they were talking to their same

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Bad Mood Foods

It’s quite easy for busy healthcare professionals (especially those working overnight shifts) to grab something quick and convenient, and not so healthy. However, some of these quick bites can not only make you a little cranky, they can leave you feeling downright depressed. Here’s a look at some bad mood foods and the simple swaps you can mak

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Inside The Mind of the World's Toughest Buyer

If we can crack the code of what’s going on in the mind of the hardest person to sell to on the planet, we can sell to anyone! This weekend, we (my husband, my daughter and I) went car shopping. Our initial strategy was to buy a new vehicle for my husband to drive until my son was ready to go off to medical school – when he would take the new

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Questions and Answers

  • activities and care

    Are there facilities that offer outdoor activities?

    swimming pool

    which retirement communities in ontario have swimming pools

  • my mother is chronically ill

    she suffers with depression and chronic pain she is living in a very unhealthy environment that continues to keep her ill she was recently diagnosis with a lung problems CPDO ... she has had many admissions to hospital, i am so very concerned about my mom i have no help and am desperate to seak help for her. she is unable to care for herself. she lives in a felthy home does not eat on a regular basis.. She is on numours medacations i dont know whom to turn to at this time .. please help me

  • assisted living

    Hi, My father has advanced Parkinson's Disease and my mother is his primary care giver. They are still living in our childhood home but it's time for them to move on because my father is no longer able to be alone and the house is just becoming too much. My mother is in very good health and is not ready for a retirement home, at all. That said, she needs help with my Dad. I'm wondering if there is a condo near the yonge and sheppard area that might meet their needs. Your help is much appreciated. Marie

    Moving from BC to AB

    I am moving my 91 year old mother to Edmonton, AB from Kimberley, BC.  She needs to be in an assisted living facility.  How do I go about doing this?

  • re over stepping power of attorny rights

    Hi i believe my brother has over steped his rights as power of attorny he has gained acess to my mother's finicial information without her concent or without her being demend un fit to handle these affairs on her own at this time i am wondering what may happen to him if this is found out

  • Type of care needed?

    My grandparents are fairly mobile and require minor assistance with things like cooking, cleaning, and bathing. What type of retirement community is best suited for their current needs?

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