China developing American approach to senior care

Chinese elder care becoming similar to AmericanFamilies in China used to find it disrespectful to put their aging parents in nursing homes or assisted living communities. However, now many of these families have adopted the idea, and many of the seniors are happier because of it, according to the New York Times.

The majority of family members are still cared for by families in both America and China, but the numbers are growing as retirement communities develop, the media outlet reports.

"You'd imagine the elders would be upset," Dr. Zhanlian Feng, a researcher who wrote a report about growing numbers of minorities in American nursing homes, told the news source. "But they'll tell you, 'I'd rather live by myself. I'm pretty happy here. I can chat with people, I can do activities with my peers instead of spending every day with my son’s family.'"

Even if many Chinese families are turning to assisted living communities or nursing homes, many Americans are still caring for a loved one, and the majority of them are not paid for doing so. According to, one out of every three American households has one caregiver living in the home.