Retirees looking for communities that support their lifestyle

Retirement communities keep up with new active lifestyles of seniorAs the baby boomers enter the retirement phase, several retirement communities are changing their ideas and programs, as many of these soon-to-be retirees are looking for facilities that offer an active lifestyle. This includes North Dakota residents that are over 50, according to the Prairie Business.

Residents over 50 of North Dakota were recently surveyed and the results showed that 94 percent of these individuals are looking forward to staying healthy, as it is an important aspect of their future. In addition, many recent retirees have found facilities that have several activities to keep their hobbies up, according to the media outlet.

"If the services are there to support an independent lifestyle at home, that may be the optimal choice for most people," Steve Guttormson, marketing director for PioneerCare in North Dakota, told the news source. "As we're entering the age wave of the baby boomers, we need to be equipped to support more people living independently at home."

According to the AARP, it is expected that baby boomers will be reinventing the idea of retirement for the years to come, setting a trail for generations after them.