Boomers turn to volunteering to stay active

Boomers turn to the active lifestyle for retirementBaby boomers are starting to settle in to the idea of retirement, but a lot of boomers are refusing to lay back and relax. Many of them are eager to maintain an active lifestyle.

There are several places where retirees can spend their golden years, including retirement communities and other facilities. Some people will be looking for a place where they can continue to do what they love, and not just settle down and spend their remaining years relaxing.

"Active 'seniors' are 'too busy to grow old gracefully!'" Judy Papio Mastracchio, who is the CEO of a website geared toward helping seniors, said in a press release.

Mastracchio's website also offers caregiving advice and financial planning, so there is nothing holding you or your family back during retirement.

According to Fox Business, there are also volunteer groups that are targeted at helping seniors close to their homes. The Community Outreach Coordinator at Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey gives back to seniors and helps them with their everyday lives. Many baby boomers have joined this group in order to volunteer and give back to their community during their retirement.