Dressing up a home for sale

Many baby boomers are thinking about moving to retirement living communities in the coming years, especially as children graduate from college and move out of the house. Fixing up a home to attract buyers may seem like it will be a pricey maneuver, but with the right finesse, the project can be affordable and easy. 

Catherine Silverman, a professional home stager, recently showed how homeowners can make their residence stick out from the rest.

Dressing up a home for sale She says that it's all about one thing - staging. If older adults can manage to make their homes look brand new, then renovations are probably not necessary.

The first step is to tour the house as if one is a prospective buyer. Analyze every room and corner like they're unfamiliar sights. This can help give homeowners perspective on what works and what doesn't.

Silverman recommends taking out personal possessions such as family photographs or collections. The idea is to make it a home where the prospective buyers can envision themselves living. Kitchen counters are one of the most important parts of a home to keep organized.

Experts suggest that packing away - or donating - items can be an emotional experience when one is moving to a retirement home. Try to take pictures of treasured valuables and scenic neighborhood spots so that they're easier to remember.  

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