98-year-old gives regular concerts for other residents

At Hearthstone Cottage, an assisted living facility in Washington, there are often concerts hosted by one very experienced musician - 98-year-old Herbert Bird, according to The Daily Record News. 

He has been retired as an instructor since 1978, but still enjoys playing the piano. The violin, an instrument he began 91 years ago, proves a little more difficult for his aged hands nowadays.

Other residents regularly gather to watch Bird perform behind a grand piano.

98-year-old gives regular concerts for other residents He plays with no sheet music and believes that his constant drive to continue with his passion for music has helped him age healthy.

"I play a full 30 minutes or more before we have tea," Bird told the news source. "[Residents] sit and listen. I can still play. I work at memorizing the music, and I play by ear. It keeps my mind sharp and clear."

Experts suggest that staying mentally active can also help older adults reduce their risk for neurological disorders. Research shows that staying social, taking up new skills and challenges or just completing daily crossword puzzles can all assist with mental acuity.  

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