Siblings should come together for caregiving

Research conducted by the Home Instead Senior Care Network has revealed that the burden of caregiving for an elderly parent often falls on one child - in 43 percent of American families in this situation, one sibling is doing the vast majority of care.

In this case, it's important for everyone to get together and discuss how to best divide the responsibilities so that one sibling isn't left feeling overwhelmed, according to The Trumbull Patch.

Siblings should come together for caregiving Include a parent in the conversation and try to understand whether he or she would prefer an independent living home or may require an assisted living facility.

The internet can serve as a starting point for searches, whether one is looking for a home care aid or a place for older parents that can help keep them safe during the golden years. During a family discussion, be sure to make a plan flexible so that it's easy to accommodate the changing needs of the family.

Experts suggest that primary caregivers should also not forget to look after their own needs. It's easy to lose oneself in the process, but this can result in mental and physical health conditions that severely impact quality of life for both carer and care recipient.  

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