When the learning curve in elder care is steep

Tom Dyke had been practicing law, raising children and even starting a few businesses before he suddenly realized there would be another thing for him to tackle - the issue of how to take care of his elderly mother. 

This was back in the days before Google, before books about elder care at all. Dyke moved his 84-year-old mother into his home and cared for her for more than five years.

When the learning curve in elder care is steep In the process, he realized that he wasn't prepared for what lay ahead. The learning curve was steep, and it took him two years to get the hang of it.

Home care can be a tough subject to tackle before families are taking care of older adults, and it doesn't get any easier unless an understanding is reached. Experts suggest that the first step is an acceptance of each person's changing role.

If one is feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities for a senior, it may be time to consider looking at assisted living communities that assure that older adults can live comfortably and safely. Try using the internet to research the options and then visit some of the top choices to get a feel for them. 

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