More active areas of brain form Alzheimer's plaques first

A new study has discovered that the parts of the brain where there is the most activity - and little rest - may be most prone to developing the amyloid beta plaques that have been linked to Alzheimer's disease. This indicates that individuals should seek to change a routine and maintain mental challenges, because these habits may help put the activity on other areas of the brain.

"Engaging the brain in tasks like reading, socializing or studying may be helpful because they reduce activity in susceptible regions and increase activity in regions that seem to be less vulnerable to Alzheimer's plaque deposition," said Dr.

More active areas of brain form Alzheimer's plaques first David M. Holtzman. "I suspect that sleep deprivation and increased stress, which may affect Alzheimer's risk, may also increase activity levels in these vulnerable regions."

Seniors looking to lead a healthy retirement living should always be mindful of their mental health. If one is currently involved in home care, it may be beneficial to relegate some of the responsibilities to an aide so that it's possible to get enough sleep and reduce levels of stress.

Experts suggest that exercise, proper diet and learning new skills can help prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease as well.  

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