How members of the sandwich generation can manage a family

There are approximately 20 million Americans who are stuck in the middle of a sandwich, as they try to raise children or take care of college grads who have moved back home while simultaneously watching after the health of older parents. 

This can be a constant juggling act, which means that it's important to consider the bigger picture as one tries to plan for retirement living and meet everyone's needs.

How members of the sandwich generation can manage a family One of the most vital things to remember is that, at the end of the day, it may not be possible to give everyone what they want.

Instead, Pasadena Star-News recommends putting personal needs at the forefront of planning - along with everything else. Experts suggest a similar tactic, because if caregivers forget their own health or financial requirements, then this could have long-term effects.

One way that families can try to better balance these duties is to discuss long-term care options with parents. Try to bring up the subject in a conversation about the future. If older parents are beginning to need round-the-clock care, it may be time to start looking at retirement homes that can provide a senior with safety and comfort in the golden years.  

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