Gym programs changing to help baby boomers lead active lifestyle

Many experts are predicting that baby boomers will revolutionize traditional senior living trends. One of the most popular movements among the influential demographic is a renewed focus on the importance of exercise.

Some gym programs are adjusting to the new demand - The Educational Alliance in Lower Manhattan has created new classes that are specifically meant for silver-haired exercisers and even changed the facility's name to reflect the more active lifestyle led by participants, according to

Instead of senior center, the building is now known as The Center for Balanced Living.

"We're trying to sort of create a more positive spin as opposed to ya know, here's a senior center, you are going to age passively here and play bingo.

Gym programs changing to help baby boomers lead active lifestyle That's not what we're trying to do," Educational Alliance Program Director Marcy Simon told the news source.

Some fitness classes combine exercise with entertainment, such as Simon's dance and workout class. Yoga and Tai Chi have also become popular among baby boomers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that baby boomers are the fastest-growing demographic hitting the gym - 10.5 million adults age 55 and over are now members of health clubs.  

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