Calcium heart scans could cause more harm than good

Several professional groups are now pushing to incorporate a new calcium heart scan into regular treatment processes, because one new study has found that it may be helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, according to 

However, the scan has been met with controversy in the past, as there has previously been no evidence that it can help reduce the risk of a heart attack. In fact, some speculate that the high dose x-rays that are used by the machine could even do more harm than good.

Still, the new study does provide convincing samples that the scan may help individuals who are at risk for a heart attack, a major fear of many during retirement living.

Calcium heart scans could cause more harm than good  Researchers found that there was a two point decrease in blood pressure in patients who underwent the scan.

Many remain skeptical.

"It would be a good thing if that led to a better quality of life or to living longer but we don't know that," Dr. Rita F. Redberg told the news source.

For now, a senior living a healthy lifestyle may instead want to find proven ways to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Diet can be an important factor - The Mayo Clinic recommends eating oatmeal, fish and walnuts in order to reduce cholesterol levels.  

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