100-year-old holds harmonica concerts in senior living community

Bob "Granpa" Miller may have recently moved to the Richfield Retirement Community in Salem, Virginia, but he has never quite stopped moving around - even now, he visits other senior living facilities and venues as part of a band, according to The Roanoke Times.

For his 100th birthday on February 12, he got together for a Friday Night Jamboree at a local store and played a few classic tunes, such as Turkey in the Straw and Old Joe Clark.

"They give me a mighty big hand," he told the news source.

100-year-old holds harmonica concerts in senior living community "They tore the roof down. And then, boy, after I got off the floor, you talk about a stomp-down, flatfootin', stompin' the floor. I just wish I could have got in there with them on that flatfootin'."

He also performs regularly at North Roanoke Assisted Living Facility, where around two dozen residents will gather to watch him play. Miller has been playing harmonica since he was six and had plenty of time to practice - he quit school in fifth grade to work on his family's farm.

Music can be beneficial for the mind and may also help people relax. Additionally, one study in Taiwan has shown that it can help older adults achieve better sleep quality. In the study group, the participants reported a 26 percent improvement in slumber.

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