Can coffee reduce the risk of a stroke?

Many older adults rely on a cup of coffee to get the day started during retirement living. While there have been many different studies regarding the beverage's effects on health, none have been that conclusive.

New research, however, may serve to be an important part in finally deducing one of coffee's benefits - a lower chance of a stroke.

Can coffee reduce the risk of a stroke? Scientists studied 34,670 women, aged 49 to 83, for an average period of 10.4 years, and found that those who drink a cup or more each day had a 22 to 25 percent reduced risk of the disease.

"Our research group has previously observed an inverse association between coffee consumption and risk in Finnish male smokers," Dr. Susanna Larsson said. "We wanted to assess the situation in women."

She pointed out that, because coffee was one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, any health effects that it causes could have vast implications.

Another study has found that a senior living a healthy lifestyle may want to drink their cup of joe for another reason - it may help lower blood pressure, according to This can be a key to leading a long, healthy life because it can help blood vessels stay more elastic.

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