Golf carts providing enjoyable transportation in retirement homes

As seniors age, it may become more difficult for them to drive. Families should discuss the issue if it starts to become dangerous, but Jack Nelson, the director of Traffic Safety for AAA, told USA Today that it's more a matter of regulating transportation than stopping it altogether.

And then there's a popular alternative emerging in many retirement homes - the golf cart, according to Slate magazine.

Golf carts providing enjoyable transportation in retirement homes These vehicles aren't the traditional golf cart either. These rides are modeled after luxury cars, rovers, jeeps and classics.

The senior living community The Villages, which is located in Florida, boasts more than 100 miles of golf cart trails. This particular retirement home has approximately 50,000 privately owned golf carts.

"It was developed so people can do everything by golf cart - go to the hairdresser, grocery store, bank, dancing, movies, and, oh, yes, you can play golf," Gray Lester, vice president for community relations, told the news source.

Many seniors tout the open freedom offered by these electric mini-cars as the main reason for the drive. Not only that, it's fun. One resident compared the experience to being behind the wheel of a go-kart.

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