Older adults spend retirement living learning new technology

While some older adults may picture the ideal retirement living experience to be staying out on the golf course or beach all day long, others are pursuing different options, such as learning about new technology to help them stay connected to their families, according to News 9.

George Tousey, who retired a few years ago, is taking classes in Oklahoma City that have helped him use the Internet to access social media sites such as Facebook.

Older adults spend retirement living learning new technology However, he has experienced some challenges along the way.

"It's amazing to me because children that are in elementary school, their skills are much more highly developed than mine will ever be because they grew up with it," he told the news provider. "To me, all this stuff is new. And it's more difficult to learn."

Still, the seniors have stuck with the program and now some can use Facebook to stay in touch with grandchildren.

Many other older adults are taking to the website as well. It may prove especially handy for those who are living in assisted living community and want to keep up-to-date with family members, because it can allow loved ones to share photographs and send messages to one another.

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