Tips for staying active with diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can impair mobility among many older adults, but that doesn't mean one should stop moving altogether. In fact, some physical activity has been shown to help fight the disease, according to

The trick is to start slowly and then gradually increase the intensity of one's workout. People should make sure they are participating in moderately intense aerobic activity for around 150 minutes a week.

Another key to healthy retirement living is constant walking, a low-impact activity that can lead to significant health benefits.

Tips for staying active with diabetes Seniors should try to do this at least three days a week.

Eventually all of these tips should be coupled with some resistance training at the gym. Try doing five to 10 different exercises that cover all muscle groups, with 10 to 15 repetitions for each.

The CDC estimates that approximately 50 percent of Americans aged 65 and over have prediabetes, which can develop into diabetes, and almost 27 percent have the disease already. In total, there are just under 26 million Americans diagnosed with the condition.

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