Know the differences between senior housing before choosing

One of the most important choices a family can face is deciding what senior housing option is best for an older adult. There are many different selections and the Residence at Tall Pines, a retirement community, recently wrote about the finer points of each facility.

Independent living facilities generally house residents who are at least 55 to 60 and in good health.

Know the differences between senior housing before choosing Seniors residing at these locations won't have to worry about maintaining a home or finding things to do, but they are also less supervised than at other retirement homes.

Assisted living facilities are meant for individuals who require more care, with a focus on day-to-day tasks that may have become difficult in recent years. Assistance can be rated on several different levels, depending on the needs of the resident.

Nursing homes are intensive, 24-hour care facilities meant for those who are suffering from chronic conditions. They are ideal for seniors who need skilled or constant care, as well as those who are recovering from surgery.

The Sun Herald reports that there are several signs that may indicate a senior needs additional care. These include a decline in hygiene, memory loss, mood swings or signs of isolation.

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