December 31 is last day to enroll in Medicare

Baby boomers who are looking forward to retirement living should be sure to sign up for Medicare if they won't be covered by an employer's health plan, especially because there are only a few days left - the deadline is December 31, according to

This year, there are many different ways to apply to the plan

December 31 is last day to enroll in Medicare and weigh the available options.

"Many people are taking action now with the assistance of our partners across the country, with support from family, friends, caregivers and trusted representatives, using the telephone, face-to-face and web-based resources to make the most of their Medicare in 2011," said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

She added that older adults should also be aware of the benefits of the new healthcare legislation, which allows for free preventative check-ups and discounts on some medications.

Calling the 1-800-MEDICARE hotline has seemed to be the most popular approach, as more than 2.7 million calls have been made since December 14.

Experts suggest that Medicare can also pay for an assisted living facility, although boomers should also be sure to set aside some personal finances in order to make sure that the costs are fully covered.

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