Jane Fonda releases new workout regimen for baby boomers

Jane Fonda may almost be 73, but she isn't done working out and is trying to encourage other older adults not to abandon exercise, either. Fonda has started designing routines that are specifically meant for those who are looking to be healthy during their retirement living, MySanAntonio.com reports.

Forgoing the high-impact aerobics of yesteryear, Fonda has returned with exercises that often involve a chair and light weights and avoid the repetitive motions of lying down and rising from the floor.

One of the body-specific workouts that she has created is called a Kegel exercise.

Jane Fonda releases new workout regimen for baby boomers This particular routine strengthens the pelvic region, which can prevent incontinence in old age.

"When you get older, it becomes mandatory to stay physically active because if you don’t, almost every part of your physical being is going to be impacted negatively - your bones, your muscles, your heart, your lungs, your vascular system and your brain," Fonda told the news provider.

The New York Times reports that yoga is one workout that many older adults have recently adopted because of the physical and mental benefits it provides. Some seniors have even reported feeling less pain from arthritis after engaging in these exercises.

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