Is Free Software Trouble?

By Mr. Modem

Q. I found a Web site that has lots of free software. I was wondering what your thoughts are about a site like that. Is it okay to download a bunch of programs just for the fun of it?

A. My feeling is that there's nothing to be gained by installing multiple programs simply because they exist, or because they're free, as tempting as that may be. Instead, I would suggest evaluating your need for any program. If there is a program that addresses a specific need you have, then it would be worthwhile investigating and possibly installing.

As subscribers of my weekly newsletter know (, my philosophy when it comes to computing is to keep things as simple as possible. For all intents and porpoises, the days of carefree software installations are gone. While there is nothing inherently wrong with installing new software, many disreputable freebie programs contain malware, so caution is well advised. I would suggest limiting installations to programs that you believe you will actually use on a regular basis, rather than because a given program happens to be available.

I test hundreds of applications each year, but I do that on a computer that I use exclusively for testing. As a result of all that testing, I have to frequently reinstall Windows due to software-caused problems.
Because I am frequently asked what programs I use, I maintain a list of my favorite applications at, which you are welcome to review at any time. I keep the list updated and include a brief profile of each program, as well as a link to its site should you be interested in obtaining additional information or downloading it.

Q. When I try to remove programs and the question appears, Do you want to remove a shared file? should I answer Yes or No?

A. A shared file displays the extension .DLL, which means it's a Dynamic Linked Library file. Thats just a high-falootin name that lets you know that the file in question is possibly being used by one or more other programs. For example, a word processor and another program may share a .DLL file; therefore, removing that shared file may cause another program to malfunction.

You may have had occasion to be eyeball to eyeball with a message that states that a certain file cannot be found. When that message appears, its usually because the missing file was removed when a shared file was deleted as the result of uninstalling another program.

When youre asked if you want to delete a shared file, just say No. It wont hurt anything to leave the file alone, and its better to err on the side of caution rather than risk accidentally disabling another program.

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