Study finds Wii can improve mobility, activity

The Nintendo Wii may be a popular device for young children and teenagers, but it's a big hit with older adults who have mobility problems as well. The Irish Times reports that results of a study conducted at Tallaght Hospital in Tallaght, Ireland, found that playing some of the console's games can be just as effective as conventional physiotherapy.

Although researchers experienced some initial resistance from the participants in the study, Professor Desmond O'Neil reported that he experienced encouraging results.

"They would never have come across this sort of thing before and they were worried they would look silly doing it," he told the news source.

Study finds Wii can improve mobility, activity "[But] once the older people gained an acquaintance with it, the results were similar to standard physiotherapy. As currently configured, it is a good starting point."

Using the Wii is one of a number of planned studies aimed at assessing the effect of technology on eldercare. Experts are planning on investigating the benefits of YouTube videos in Alzheimer's patients as well.

Despite the benefits of keeping one's mind and body active, USA Today reports that recent surveys show that only about 21 percent of adults between the ages 65 and 74 exercise regularly.

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