Kindle the best e-reader for older adults

One of the most popular trends in technology is the e-reader. These sleek, compact devices allow users to store hundreds of books in one place for an easy read. However, reports that one version in particular is more appealing to senior citizens than the others.

The Kindle, which is produced by, contains a number of features that make it the best of its kind for older adults. The news source reports that it is so conducive to being used by the elderly is because while the size is small, the screen still remains large.

Kindle the best e-reader for older adults

The New York Times gave the reader a sterling review, calling the Kindle "ingeniously designed to be everything the iPad will never be: small, light and inexpensive,"

Along with featuring an ideal screen size, the Kindle also makes use of E Ink screen technology, which means it is causes minimal strain on the eyes.

E-readers can make it possible for many people to reap the benefits of reading. According to, avid readers can significantly reduce stress and improve analytical thinking and memory.

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