Texas couple uses technology to provide better eldercare

A couple's simple idea may have turned into a breakthrough in the quest to provide better eldercare. According to NPR, Lida Lee Bridges and her husband Chris, who are from Austin, Texas, have started a company to help others who are providing assistance to their ailing family members.

After Lida's mother suffered a stroke, the couple had to move in with her, but were still worried about her falling. The news source reports that Chris installed motion sensors that would be able to alert him or his wife in case she needed help.

Texas couple uses technology to provide better eldercare He and Lida have since launched Adaptive Home, a company which specializes in similar monitoring technology.

"They may know that their mother got up in the morning, that she's been to the kitchen, she's opened the refrigerator, she's taken her medicine," Bridges told the news provider.

While the Bridges' company is geared toward just motion sensors, experts say that in the near future, similar technology may be used to monitor things as hard to monitor as whether or not one has taken their pills.

This technology may becoming increasingly important in the years ahead, as the Administration on Aging estimates that the population of Americans over 65 is expected to grow to 55 million by 2020.

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