iPad appeals to burgeoning older population

When the iPad was released earlier this summer, the high-tech device seemed to appeal to a younger demographic, but Bloomberg Businessweek reports that many older adults are buying, and enjoying, Apple's latest product.

"The iPad is a good tool for the elderly because it's very forgiving of mistakes, something the seniors fear when dealing with computers," researcher Takahiro Miura of the University of Tokyo told the news source.

iPad appeals to burgeoning older population "Unlike the PC, it doesn't require prior knowledge."

According to the news provider, iPad has been especially popular in senior citizens in Japan, where the elderly account for 22 percent of the population. Some of the consumers use the product because they believe it can improve their mental health.

"I think using the iPad could help keep dementia at bay," 78-year-old Motoo Kitamura told the news outlet. "Trying new things like that is a good mental exercise"

The older population could be an important demographic for Apple in the years to come. The Administration on Aging reports that by 2030 there will be 72.1 million Americans over the age of 65, which is almost double the number from 2000.

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