Minnesota septuagenarian encourages active lifestyle with cross-country walk

A retired businessman is going to great lengths to encourage his fellow senior citizens to become active. AARP.com reports that 72-year-old Phil Woods is walking nearly 3,000 miles - from International Falls, Minnesota to Key West, Florida - get his point across.

"If a 72-year-old man can walk 25 miles a day, surely some of these people can walk a little bit, too," Woods told the news source.

What's especially impressive is that this is not Woods' first such walk.

Minnesota septuagenarian encourages active lifestyle with cross-country walk Only three years ago he covered the 3,100 miles from Londontowne, Maryland to San Francisco, California. The first trek was during the fall and into the winter, but his most recent journey will be during the middle of summer. Because of this, Woods has to start his daily walk as early in the day as possible to avoid becoming overheated.

Woods has been updating his progress through his blog and on facebook since he started his trip in April, and he plans to arrive in Florida in October.

Although not everyone can maintain an active lifestyle to such a degree, there are certainly advantages to staying physically fit. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, active living can reduce the risk of everything from heart disease to depression.

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