Assisted living center recognized for energy efficiency

Going green is typically thought of as something only individual residences can do. However, an Arizona assisted living community is bucking the trend and recently became recognized as one of the most environmentally-friendly buildings in the country, the Arizona Daily Star reports.

Academy Villas, a 12-room community, obtained Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification by the U.S.

Assisted living center recognized for energy efficiency Green Building Council. According to the news outlet, to achieve such certification, a building must meet certain standards of efficiency. Academy Villas had installed energy efficient windows, solar water heaters and rain harvesters.

The initiative has numerous benefits for the assisted living center that go beyond just accolades, as the new amenities will result in lower energy costs down the road and can improve the health of the residents.

"Just breathing the air here is healthier than in any commercial building because of our filtration system," Academy Villas Executive Director Kent Prescott told the source.

Having good air quality can relieve allergies, asthma and other breathing problems and experts say that the health advantages could extend further. reports that using environmentally friendly materials and paints will not release harmful elements into one's indoor environment.

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