Assisted living residents send photos into space

A group of assisted living community residents in New Jersey may not be going into space any time soon - but their photo is. Thanks to Marica Ruis, the activity director at Princeton-based Caley House, a photo of 13 residents will be blasting off on board one of two launches in the fall, the Princeton Union-Eagle reports.

The idea came about as part of Ruis' weekly discussion of current events with the residents, whose average age is 90 years old.

Assisted living residents send photos into space

"I just think it's incredibly exciting," Ruis told the news source. She added that they frequently discussed the space program.

The current events discussions are an effort by Ruis to keep the residents "engaged and connected" she said. Ruis claims that keeping up with the news is good for both the residents physical and mental health.

Experts say that keeping an active mind is one of the keys to maintaining good mental health, According to American Psychiatric Association, depression is the most common mental disorder for people over 65 and that 10 percent of patients diagnosed with dementia may be suffering from depression instead.

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