Vitamin D proven to be big help in elder care

As if there needed to be an extra incentive to go out in the sun, a new study is showing that maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels may help maintain cognitive function in the elderly, United Press International reports.

Researchers at Tufts conducted tests on 1,000 participants between the ages of 65 and 99. The results showed that those recieving home care are particularly at risk because they do not get as much exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D proven to be big help in elder care The study also found that only 35 percent of participants had enough of the vitamin in their system.

According to the Naperville Sun, the results are just the latest in a series of studies showing the positive benefits of vitamin D. Dr Deborah Freeman told the outlet she thinks that there should be considerably more emphasis put on the importance of the vitamin.

"I believe there's a marked deficiency of it in about a billion people worldwide and that we have grossly underestimated its value," she told the source.

Aside from helping in elder care, Freeman cited a numerous other benefits of vitamin D including anti-inflammatory ability and reducing the risk of diabetes and arthritis.

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