Listening to music may help active living seniors with exercise

Exercise remains one of the healthiest activities retirement living seniors can participate in. According to the MayoClinic, aerobics strengthens heart muscles and reduces overall health risks.

Still, many active living seniors may struggle with the concept of fitness.

Listening to music may help active living seniors with exercise For individuals who are out of shape, running, jogging or even walking for a short period of time may be mentally and physically draining.

Now the New York Times is reporting that there may be a way to work out without causing too much stress. Distractions such as music, watching television and reading can help retirement living seniors complete cardio routines and enjoy simple entertainment at the same time.

"Listening to music you like while exercising has been shown to help release the endorphins that relieve stress and depression. Other distractions haven't been studied as much, but creating that pleasurable feeling in other ways is likely to do the same thing." Dr Vijay B. Vad, a sports medicine specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery, told the news source.

Retirement living seniors should remember to start off slowly when beginning a new exercise, but may bring along a distraction to keep them motivated. It may be wise for individuals to keep in mind that when it comes to achieving physical fitness goals, mind rules over matter.

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