Active living seniors enjoy afternoon jam sessions

Active living seniors in Mt Juliet, Tennessee, don't just sit while away the afternoon sipping tea and playing bridge. They make beautiful music!

According to, 70-year-old Lucy Cline and her 59-year-old husband, Charles, are two of the crowd of regulars that head over to the

Mt. Juliet Senior Citizens Center for Sunday afternoon jam sessions.

Active living seniors enjoy afternoon jam sessions

Lucy plays the spoon and harmonica, and Charles jumps in as well. The musicians play everything from blue grass to gospel, the news source reports.

In addition to the honing their musical abilities, the retirement living seniors who participate can look forward to the get-togethers.

"I wanted a place that was pretty close to home where I could play with my friends and just relax and have a good time," senior Warren Hickman told the news provider.

According to the HealthDay Reporter, music can activate a relaxation response in the brain, and can ease anxiety and provide an emotional release.

So pick up your old violin or dust off those piano keys!

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