Hormone therapy could improve retirement living

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used to treat menopausal estrogen deficiency and could improve retirement living for older women.

Several studies have suggested that women who have recently arrived at menopause and have received HRT could live longer.

In a new article in the American Journal of Medicine, researchers analyzed existing data they pooled from 19 different trials that involved 16,000 postmenopausal women and discovered solid evidence that HRT can reduce the probably of death for elderly females.

"It is clear that these findings need to be interpreted in the light of potential benefits and harms of hormone therapy," said Dr Shelley Salpeter.

Hormone therapy could improve retirement living "The available evidence indicates that hormone therapy in younger postmenopausal women increases the risk of breast cancer and pulmonary embolism and reduces the risk of cardiovascular events, colon cancer and hip fracture."

The Mayo Clinic says that menopause is a natural process, not an illness. However, its symptoms can make it difficult for women to sleep and can lead to feelings of sadness. Although menopause is not a sickness, women shouldn't hesitate to see a doctor if they begin experiencing severe symptoms.

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