Retirement living facility now open for elderly netizens

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on September 24 in celebration of the opening of a new senior housing facility in North Carolina.

The doors of new a retirement community in Greenville are now open. The facility it was built to replace housed 152 seniors in about 45,000 square feet; 27,000 square feet smaller than the new building.

"We're looking forward to providing a more homelike environment for our residents that is also more high-tech," said Hal Garland, the executive director of the center.

Retirement living facility now open for elderly netizens "The new equipment and technology will enable us to enhance the care and service we provide."

An interesting feature of the new facility is that it is equipped with wireless internet to accommodate the needs of today's seniors.

Garland says the new building was designed to put the needs of the residents first. It is separated into six areas, each of which has its own living room, dining room and kitchen so that residents can prepare their own food and eat whenever they want, should they choose to do so.

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