IBM could improve retirement living

A technology company is working on a project that could introduce a new system of telemonitoring and teleassisting older persons in need of care.

IBM is working with a group of 30 elderly people on a project called Secure Living. Its system is built on a series of sensors that look after an individual and communicate with a control room. The goals of the Secure Living project are ambitious, as one of them is t

IBM could improve retirement living o generate ideas about how the monitored person should exercise and communicate that information to him or her.

"We want to improve the standard of living in the province and telemedicine is one of the priorities for our local administration," said Barbara Repetto Visentini, a government official in charge of innovation.

The people at IBM hope to enhance the quality of life for seniors, provide them with greater independence and further integrate them into society.

IBM's strategy is reportedly to leverage existing technology in a better way in order to provide a superior level of service to everyone, older persons included.

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