Retirement living hopes spur elderly Canadian protestors

Two former farmers have been protesting the creation of a nearby waste treatment plant in Midland, Ontario, worried that the construction will affect Georgian Bay.

Now 82-year-old Keith Wood and 76-year-old wife Ina may be facing charges for attending protests of the long-planned facility where activists have been attempting to blockade the site, according to the Barrie Examiner.

"I have a right to protest peacefully," Keith Wood told the newspaper.

Retirement living hopes spur elderly Canadian protestors "I'm not doing anything, and when she's here, she's sitting there knitting."

Ontario Provincial Police may feel differently, having asked the couple to report to the Midland Station to discuss their actions, with potential charges of criminal mischief already being issued to other protestors, reported the Barrie Advance.

But supporters say that the older couple should be kept out of the brewing debate over the site's construction, including Midland resident Elizabeth Brass Elson, who told the news provider, "They dont need this added stress to their lives."

Both sides have taken to the courts to get judicial rulings on the project, and a decision is expected next week, according to the Examiner.

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