Summer safety tips for seniors who want to enjoy the sun

As it approaches some of the warmest days of the year, seniors may want to get out and about in their independent living communities. The National Institute on Aging says that's a good idea, but some precautions should be taken into account.

Hyperthermia is its chief concern, and staying inside as much as possible on extremely hot days can help seniors, many of whom may be at higher risk due to poor blood circulation or the inability to sweat as a side effect of some medications.

For those who still want to head out, large air-conditioned areas like malls or movie theaters could help seniors looking for activities outside of their home.

Summer safety tips for seniors who want to enjoy the sun It also helps keep them around people who may be able to assist them in a potential heat-related emergency, according to the NIA.

If one does choose to go outside, remember that plenty of fluids are a must. If symptoms like faintness or confusion occur, it's best to head to a cool, shady place and eat fruit or drink water to stave off potential dehydration.

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