Dental health lectures offered to assisted living workers

In Florida, assisted living facility directors and staff may be able to learn more about improving the dental care of their residents through a traveling seminar program.

The Florida Dental Association has recently received a grant that will allow it to travel to more sites around the state and offer educational training and DVDs that highlight the unique problems that seniors face in oral care.

Many are on fixed incomes or have difficulties with mobility, the FDA says, and those can be barriers along with chronic conditions.

"Our senior population is frequently afflicted with chronic diseases or physical limitations that have adverse effects on their oral health," said state representative Alan Hays, a donor to the program.

Dental health lectures offered to assisted living workers "Many of [them] have taken good care of their oral health in their younger years and we need to make every reasonable effort to help them continue through life with good health."

Attendees will learn dental hygeine tips and brochures they can bring back for residents and other staff.

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