High-tech help for Alzheimer's, dementia patients

Younger generations are completely accustomed to operating in the digital age and now many technological advances may benefit the older population.

A new computer system currently being tested in Norway may help with some aspects of Alzheimer's care and also make life easier for those suffering from dementia.

The touch-screen device displays both the date, time and either a sun or a moon to indicate day or night.

High-tech help for Alzheimer's, dementia patients Families can also send updates and reminders through the program that their relatives can see, as project manager Marius Mikalsen explains.

"On the screen, for example, the elderly person might find 'Remember to drink some water', or 'Take the number 52 bus' she said, indicating how the program can also function as a digital message board.

To further aid families and nurses involved in Alzheimer's care, another company hopes to take footwear for patients to another level.

A shoe manufacturer and GPS company are working together to develop shoes that could help families locate Alzheimer's patients who wander.

McKnights.com reports that these shoes will activate an alert system once the wearer gets beyond a certain boundary, such that he or she is less likely to get lost or hurt without the caregiver's knowledge.

There are approximately 700,000 people diagnosed with dementia in the UK.

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