Exercise eases rheumatoid arthritis pain

A new study has found that exercise not only helps maintain weight and health, but it may also ease some rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

This may be good news for seniors in retirement living, independent living or elderc

Exercise eases rheumatoid arthritis pain are facilities that provide access to exercise equipment.

Presented at the European League Against Rheumatism's annual congress, the research found that certain strengthening exercises performed consistently for 50 to 60 minutes each day improved the patients' quality of life.

The improvements were measured by the DAS28 test, or the Disease Activity Score, that assesses the activity of the patients' condition and the individuals tender or swollen joints.

After performing the exercises, participants reported a 55 percent improvement in the "sit and stand" test results and a 19 percent improvement in the "walk time" test.

A further 62 percent of those involved in this study used less corticosteroids, which seems to indicate a decrease in pain and swelling.

Study leader, Dr Miguel Sousa commented on the positive findings, explaining that the results "may be extremely beneficial for both a patient's physical and mental health, with a corresponding effect on [his or her] quality of life."

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