Help for the elderly who go uninsured

Baby boomers are getting older and starting to think about retirement homes or active living communities but for many, the move into this kind of living situation is secondary to seniors' concerns of how to pay for healthcare.

According to a Cover th

Help for the elderly who go uninsured e Uninsured fact sheet, in 2007 11.1 percent of American adults aged between 55 and 64 years went without insurance.

As the population ages, it seems that this group will get larger, not smaller and this is something that the government and care facilities need to take into account.

To help solve this problem, the Medicare Early Access Act has been presented to the senate and this bill aims to provide access to Medicare for those aged 55 to 65 at a more reasonable cost, with government subsidies.

Senator Jay Rockerfeller of West Virginia recently expressed his support for this bill in an article that appeared in the Greenville News.

"This legislation helps a vulnerable segment of our population who need access to affordable health insurance," he told the news provider.

In addition, this bill may help prevent older Americans being rejected for coverage.

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