Canada helps older people with retirement living options, expenses

Whether it's for Canadians looking to begin retirement living in their own country, or for foreign expatriates looking for senior-friendly areas, Canadian municipalities are ranked highly among retirement experts.

Officials from around the country met to develop a national framework for measuring the standards of senior-friendly communities, according to the Montreal Gazette, based on the experiences of cities like Saanich where increased public seating is required in new buildings and initiatives are in place to promote more park benches.

The efforts may also help integrate different age groups, since "almost everything that goes toward creating an age-friendly city also benefits other residents, whether it be accessible public transport, safe environments, pedestrian-friendly environments (and) access to social services," said John Beard, director of WHO's Department of Aging and Life Course told the news provider.

Canada helps older people with retirement living options, expenses

And for older people who are going to work after considering early retirement to increase their savings, they could be able to use their Canada Pension Plan while being partially or fully employed according to

New changes to the pension also benefit retirees who choose to draw on their funds at age 65 or older, according to the news provider, since those who wait until age 70 can see benefits up to 40 percent higher than average.

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