Empowering the elderly against fraud

In January 2009, the North Dakota Governor issued a warning about a "Grandparent Scam," where con artists pretended to be relatives of the elderly victims, asking desperately for large sums of money.

Seniors in retirement living or

Empowering the elderly against fraud arget="_self">active living communities could be vulnerable to such scams and several programs aim to better inform the older population on how to avoid con artists.

In Bismark, North Dakota, the town's senior center is holding a shred-a-thon, local news provider KXNet reports.

Older people will receive tips on important documents to keep, and which ones can be sent through the shredder.

Across the country in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, almost 55 seniors attended a seminar on identity theft and how they can protect themselves, news Channel 22 revealed.

Officials from the local police department explained how the elderly can keep private information safe and they received advice on identifying scam callers, the news provider explained.

Wilbraham Police Sergeant Glenn Clark suggested "[d]on't give out your personal information ever," reminding older residents that if they reveal secret information, it could fall into the wrong hands.

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