Home care options may improve physical function after cancer

Some home care options that improve dietary choices and promote exercise may help senior citizens who are looking to get back on their feet after cancer.

Researchers at Duke University and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center offered a variety of motivational tools and advice to cancer survivors to establish d

Home care options may improve physical function after cancer aily goals of healthier eating and moderate exercise.

They found that those who received the help reported higher levels of mobility, including everyday tasks like being able to use a stool for household chores or going up and down stairs, while those who did not reported declines of up to 5 percent.

The participants, classified as overweight or obese but healthy enough to complete moderate exercise, learned about portion control and nutrition from telephone calls with personal trainers in addition to ideas for exercise and walking.

"The wonderful thing about this intervention is that it would be accessible to anyone with a phone in an English-speaking country," said lead investigator Dr Miriam Morey, adding that the tips received by seniors allowed them to make healthy choices without a gym membership or travel.

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