Cancer projections a good reason to start preventive measures

A new study says that all seniors, including those in assisted living facilities, face a much higher prospect for cancer, with more than 1.6 million estimated cancer cases due by 2030.

The estimates were made by researchers at the University of Texas' Anderson Cancer Center, using U.S. Census data and combining it

Cancer projections a good reason to start preventive measures with the rates of developing certain cancers nationwide.

"In 2030, 70 percent of all cancers will be diagnosed in the elderly and 28 percent in minorities, and the number of older adults diagnosed with cancer will be the same as the total number of Americans diagnosed with cancer in 2010," said lead author Dr Ben Smith, adding that some of the cancers expected to grow have high mortality, including those of the liver, stomach and pancreas.

But steps may be taken to reduce the likelihood for cancer, and the study noted that reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption, certain vaccinations, as well as screening could prove beneficial.

Other steps can be taken without a doctor's prescription, such as using probiotics to increase the level of good bacteria that may benefit digestive health, as well as ensuring that vitamin D consumption matches federal guidelines.

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