Silver surfers'Week in Hampshire County

Older people who live in Hampshire County may be able to learn how to get online, check email and do other web-based tasks that may improve their ability to maintain their independent living at free information sessions next week.

'The internet is a fantastic resource which plays a key part in the lives of so m

Silver surfers' Week in Hampshire County any of us nowadays, but it can seem daunting to those who have never used it before," council executive Andrew Smith told The News.

The program is part of Silver Surfers Day 2009, a non-profit initiative designed to get more older people active online by May 15.

Older people in Hampshire will be able to take advantage of events at local schools and libraries to learn how to log on, stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with news organisations that are moving towards online presences and even play games and solve puzzles or pick up a new hobby.

Those who participate may not just gain some new computer and internet browsing tools, but also will be entered into a draw for a £100 fare hamper if they fill out feedback forms.

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