Federal funding to help seniors learn about choices

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services announced that $35.8 million in funding have been issued to help seniors make the right healthcare choices as they enter retirement living situations.

More than 50 State Health Insurance Programs are to use the money to conduct outreach programs for seniors who have limited access to information about their health care choices, especially for those who may qualify for a low-income subsidy.

Other outreach is expected to be made available to new beneficiaries and their caregivers who provide homecare.

"State Health Insurance Assistance Programs serve an important role in providing information and support to people with Medicare where they live," said CMS administrator Charlene Frizzera.

Federal funding to help seniors learn about choices "These funds help ensure SHIPs continue their work with state and local governments, community-based organizations and others to meet the needs, beyond health care, of our Medicare beneficiaries."

Successful programs will have access to $1.5 million in performance-based awards in September, the centers reported.

CMS announced a week ago that in a bid to increase the quality of service provided at assisted living facilities, a pilot program will offer performance incentives to retirement homes in four states.

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