Medicare Part D cost to increase, but not by much

Senior citizens who plan to enroll in the Medicare Part D program next year can expect a slower rate increase with out-of-pocket threshold limits.

This means the program will be slightly more expensive next year.

According to new information released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Medicare Part D plan parameters, which include initial coverage limit and out-of-pocket costs, will increase in 2010 by 3.13 percent.

Medicare Part D cost to increase, but not by much This is less when compared to the 7.54 percent increase for this year's coverage.

Senior citizens interested in gaining a better understanding of the benefits that come with the Part D prescription drug plan can find online resources comparing plans from the past four years as well as explanations about the various coverage options for enrollees.

"Unfortunately, even with three years of experience, we are finding that many people are still having difficulty understanding the coverage provided by their current Part D plans," said Dr Susan Johnson.

Prior to last year's Medicare Part D enrollment deadline, numerous news providers suggested seniors look into generic drugs as a way to save money through the government program.

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