The possible future for healthcare at home

A new product recently showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) offered a glimpse at how the health of a senior citizen could be monitored by a multitude of healthcare professionals by standing on a scale.

The product was described by New York Times blogger Jane Gross who described it as a scale that collected information about a person's medication condition by asking questions when a drastic change in weight was found.

The possible future for healthcare at home

According to Gross, the machine asked questions such as "Are you more tired than usual?" and "Are you having trouble sleeping at night?" were asked by the machine and then recorded, according to the post. That information is then sent to whoever the user gives access to, which can include a primary care doctor, family members or an administrator of a retirement community.

Gross said aging was a big issue at this year's CES, which brought out products and technologies that may allow "older people to remain in their own homes with fewer trips to the doctor's office and less need for supervision in a skilled nursing facility."

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